I love to work with many different creatives to help them present their artwork. Often artists want to produce cards to sell, need help to photograph their work or aren’t sure where to start, this is where I can help!

I can assist with many different elements including;

  • Presenting artwork or a portfolio online,

  • Providing finished greetings cards from a art piece,

  • Scanning or photographing to creating giclee prints from originals,

  • Photographically documenting a body of work,

  • Production of artist booklets and perfect bound book design,

  • Design and print of promotional items such as business cards or postcards,

  • Logo design to brand all business elements.

If there’s a creative service you need, feel free to ask.

Beautiful work on the left is by,

Nicky Conish, Joss Goodchild and David Bush


Projects undertaken whilst working at Burwell Print Centre.


All images and design copyright Purplespoon Design 2017 - 2020

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